Sep 24, 2012

Jazz Cruise

I'm really fond of jazz music, that's why I was so happy to visit New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz. Steamer Natches is a famous New Orleans jazz steamboat. It was reconstructed in 1974 using original parts, and now you can see it like in old times.
It sails daily cruises up and down the Mississippi river, where you can listen to the jazz music and see the historic buildings, docks, refineries and factories along the banks of Mississippi.

Я, как большой любитель джаза, была очень рада посетить Новый Орлеан, "колыбель джаза".
Мне довелось прокатиться на настоящем колёсном пароходе Natches, реконструированном в 1974 году из сохранившихся деталей, и, как в старые времена, совершающем джазовые круизы по Миссисипи.

  Steamer Naches is the real authentic steamboat, it is moved by the large wheel, which is rotated by huge steam cylinders.

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